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Teeth Whitening  by 

Kor Teeth Whitening Las Vegas
Kor Teeth Whitening Las Vegas
Kor Teeth Whitening Las Vegas
Kor Teeth Whitening Las Vegas
Kor Teeth Whitening Las Vegas
Kor Teeth Whitening Las Vegas

Teeth Whitening  by 

Kor Max  Whitening  $899.00

Kor T-Max  Whitening  $1299.00

Custom Trays, 2 weeks of Night Bleaching & then a 2-hour in-office treatment

Specifically designed for TETRACYCLINE Stained Teeth.  Custom Trays, 6-8weeks of Night Bleaching & then a 2-hour in-office treatment

Kor Teeth Whitening Las Vegas

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Kor Teeth Whitening Las Vegas
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Kor Teeth Whitening Las Vegas

KöR Whitening:Everything You Need to Whiten to Your KöR

We recently added a truly comprehensive whitening option to our menu, and we’re pretty stoked. Let’s take a look at what this new system can do

How does whitening work?

Every whitening product uses the same basic science to achieve results. Tooth discoloration is caused by large pigment and stain molecules that become trapped inside the tooth’s structure: the larger the molecules, the darker the teeth appear.

All bleaching gels break down to hydrogen peroxide in the end, which in turn breaks down into free radicals that attach to and lift stains from the teeth.

So what makes KöR Whitening different?

  • Constant Refrigeration – the nature of bleaching chemicals is to break down; that’s what makes them effective in the first place! But it also means that, from the moment they are created in a factory, they start to lose potency at room temperature. By refrigerating their product from the moment of manufacture until they’re delivered to the dental practice door, KöR essentially stops this degradation, guaranteeing their gel stays at its absolute highest concentration.

  • KöR-Seal™ Trays – typical bleach delivery systems are only effective for roughly 25-35 minutes. This is due to the nature of saliva, which contains powerful antioxidants that will quickly destroy peroxide on contact. KöR combats this common effect by making custom trays that are fit precisely, sealing out saliva and sulcular fluid. With these trays, you can get 6-10 hours of effective, overnight whitening as opposed to the traditional half hour.

  • Comprehensive Program – KöR involves two weeks of overnight whitening at home, an intensive in-office session, and a monthly maintenance program thereafter. This ensures a more permanent white by fully flooding the stains with bleaching agents and restores teeth to their youthful ability to whiten easily.

For whom do we recommend KöR Whitening?

This whitening program is not for the casual user – it definitely requires a commitment! Every small step matters in this process, so compliance is key. We think KöR’s program is especially well suited to the following cases:

  • Tetracycline stains

  • Tough whitening cases for which other methods of whitening have been unsuccessful

  • Patients who desire ultra-ultra white teeth

If you think KöR might be right for you, set up a consultation today!

The Kor Max Treatment

After an exam with one of of Dentists who with you will determine if  you are a good candidate

Very specific Impressions will be taken to send to KOR where they will make your custom trays

Once trays arrive back we will teach you how to desentized and whiten at home for 2 weeks

After the 2 Weeks, you have a 2-hour in office whitening with a stronger whitening product

Refer a friend for KoR bleaching and receive $50 Gift

Wedding parties     Groups

Corporate Groups     Special Events

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We can create special packages for
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Limitations and restrictions apply Kor Whitening continuously refrigerated, high-potency gels, together with a scientifically designed application protocol, deliver predictably except...
"Kor Whitening" Bleaching
1 hr 30 min
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