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A Sensitive Issue—How to Provide Gentle and Effective Teeth Whitening


By Dr Rod Kurth


Teeth whitening is a sought-after cosmetic treatment, but sensitivity can deter patients from completing their sessions. This issue can also make dentists hesitant to recommend whitening services. Despite promises of minimal sensitivity from many professional bleaching systems, disappointment often follows.


For dentists seeking a reliable whitening solution, preventing sensitivity should be a priority. The ideal system goes beyond soothing symptoms after treatment; it aims to prevent sensitivity altogether, ensuring a comfortable and effective experience for patients.


Dr. Rod Kurthy, CEO of KöR Whitening, explains the Hydrodynamic Mechanism theory of sensitivity. Whitening affects dentinal tubules and smear plugs in several ways, including oxygenation, acidity from whitening gels, and osmotic gradients. While some whitening methods include post-treatment desensitizing agents, they often fail to address sensitivity at its source.


Whitening formulas claiming to deliver desensitizing ingredients during bleaching face challenges due to aggressive chemistry. Most systems compromise on gel potency to tackle sensitivity, leading to unsatisfactory results.


Dr. Kurthy developed the KöR Whitening System to address sensitivity effectively. By constantly refrigerating the solution and using specially formulated desensitizers, KöR prevents sensitivity from the start. This innovative approach ensures a positive treatment experience for patients and dentists alike.


Discover gentle and effective teeth whitening with KöR Whitening at Smile Sketch Vegas.

Dr. Silva Battaglin & Dr Adam Persky



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