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The Wand; Computerized Anesthesia System

The “Wand” Computerized Anesthesia System

Our comfort is our top priority at SmileSketchBoston. Many patients feel anxiety when visiting the dentist, particularly when treatment is required. Dr. Adam Persky and Dr. Silva Battaglin offer patients one of the latest in dental patient comforts, WAND delivered anesthetic.

Typical injection style anesthetic can cause pain and discomfort. Many patients cringe at the mere site of a syringe. Injection style anesthesia is often concentrated in too small an area causing it to dissipate quickly leaving the patient in pain before the procedure is complete. Or injections can cause too much of the surrounding tissue to go numb which causes embarrassing and uncomfortable drooling to occur.

The wand delivery manages anesthesia in a slow drip from a pen like device. The wand, which actually looks like a “Magic Wand” drops a topical numbing agent on then in the injection site and then delivers the anesthetic to the patient, delivering the anesthesia in a more comfortable way than traditionally delivered anesthetic. Our patients love how quick and easy the wand is.

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Patient comfort is one of our primary concerns, so we are proud to have integrated the Wand into our practice. CompuDent, which is the brain behind the Wand, is a computerized local anesthesia delivery unit. The Wand is actually the pen-like hand piece that administers the anesthesia.

How it Works

Injections can be irritating for many reasons, but one pain factor is that the anesthesia is concentrated in a small area until it dissipates. Anesthesia administered too fast can also cause pain. Another irritation stems from too much tissue going numb, which can leave a patient drooling after an appointment.

CompuDent manages the flow and volume of anesthesia being delivered, and it also offers more accuracy for the area being numbed. The Wand, through which the regulated anesthesia flows, does not look or feel like a syringe. A drop of topical numbing agent first numbs the injection site, and then the needle creates a comfortable injection pathway.

Helping You Stay Relaxed

The Wand helps patients relax before, during, and after procedures. Beforehand, patients have confidence instead of anxiety; during treatment, they receive regulated medication to keep them comfortable; and afterwards, they can return to normal activity for the rest of the day. Afterward, patients say the injection was virtually painless. The Wand – it's like magic!

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