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Concierge Dentistry – Only for the Rich and Famous?

Only at Smilesketch Boston, a Concierge Dental Practice!

Think about the word ‘concierge’ and you’re bound to imagine a visit to a swanky hotel, during which you might call upon the services of a polite and accommodating hotel employee to arrange restaurant reservations or give site-seeing advice on how to take advantage of where you are staying. And, the notion of having a personal concierge – someone at your beck and call to regularly help plan outings or activities – is something you would associate with being rich or elite.

What you might NOT think about is the notion of ‘concierge dentistry,’ and that’s possibly because you haven’t heard of it. But, the concept of providing more personalized, ‘patient-first’ service is becoming a more popular approach for dentists looking to offer a holistic, whole-body methodology.

Corporate vs Concierge Dentistry

Most dental offices today are corporate models – owned and run by one or several dentists or a non-dental corporation. These offices are profit-based and sometimes need to become obsessed with the bottom line, running the practice more like a business than a place of healing. This kind of environment can lead to over-worked staff, long appointment wait times, and services restricted or confined by available insurance plans in concert with costs.

Similar to the idea of a personalized service that caters to an individual, concierge dentistry differs by focusing on the needs of each patient, first and foremost. Services are never dictated by insurance plans or fees, which allows for a more comprehensive approach to dental care – going beyond the teeth, gums and mouth.

Is Concierge Worth it?

Although most concierge dental practices are not considered in-network for insurance plans, many still do take insurance. Personalized financing options may mean that you actually pay LESS for the higher level of concierge service that caters to your immediate dental needs.

Ultimately, concierge dentistry is about putting OUR patient first. We are able to take the time to evaluate and analyze our patient, one at a time, in order to provide the best treatment for that individual, regardless of insurance plans or costs.

Going to a concierge dentist is a little different than the service you get from a concierge at a hotel. But, you will benefit from the same level of personalized, tailored care and attention – from your teeth to your gums and beyond.

Interested in learning more about our concierge services? Talk to us! We provide a first class experience providing individualized care and attention. With locations in Boston and Las Vegas, provides a holistic approach to dental care that incorporates total-body health and wellness.

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