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A Private Clinic Providing Concierge Style Covid Testing For Travel, Events & Knowledge 
Rapid Antigen Test (15min $105).     rt-PCR (Next Day Results $165).     
rt-PCR (Same Day Results $295).      NAAT PCR 1 Hour Result $395.00

TOBP LLC Testing is a Nevada Board of Health #11282  and  CDC CLIA # 29D2212810 certified FDA EUA covid testing lab facility. 
EMAIL US for pricing for Groups, Confidential Off Site Testing, Movie & TV Productions, Private Parties & Events
(702) 941-4148    2685 South Rainbow Suite 107 LV NV 89146  (The only  green 2-story building in the plaza)

CALL   Text   Email to Schedule your TEST, Your Group, Your Event

Check Your  Destinations  Covid Travel Protocols. Know Before You Go!


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rt-PCR Test $165.00


the NEXT Day!

Very Important To Plan Tests With Your
Travel Schedule.




After Hours and Off-Site Tests Vary in Additional Fees Call for pricing and more info. 

We do not test for travel to Hawaii 

We do Test for travel to Japan!

PLEASE No Smoking, Eating or Drinking

(except water) 30 mins prior to your test. 


PreRegister at

Upload your Passport, Passport #

and full Address

CALL/TEXT  US (702) 941-4148

Quiksal vs Nasal Swab

Non-invasive, no q-tip, 99.99% accurate, you rinse for 60 seconds. The Quiksal™ Oral Rinse Specimen Collection Device is a Specimen Collection Device intended for qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in saliva by rRT-PCR testing with the EUA-approved ThermoFisher Scientific TaqPath test system, including the KingFisher Flex automated nucleic acid extractor, QuantStudio 5 RT-PCR system, and the Applied Biosystems™ COVID-19 Interpretive Software according to manufacturer protocol.

Scan QR Code to Register for PCR ONLY 
(This does not schedule your appointment)

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Same Day rt-PCR

Any time during the day


NEED that PCR test in 4 plus Hours?
We can now perform this test for you.  

We Ask that you call us to get this scheduled.

CALL/TEXT  US (702) 941-4148

PreRegister at

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Concierge Cosmetic Dental Services
in Las Vegas

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Rapid Antigen Test

$105.00 with a
Date & Time stamp certificate
& PDF version Emailed

After 5PM there may be additional fees.

PERFECT for Travel & Attending Events!

(Contact us for Group and Off-site testing)

PreRegister at



COVID-19 diagnostic antigen test uses a sample taken from a nasal swab to detect the nucleocapsid protein from SARS-CoV-2, commonly known as the corona virus. If this rapid diagnostic test is positive, it means that the person is CURRENTLY infected with the
SARS-CoV-2 virus. Once the infection is gone, the antigen disappears, and the test will be negative.

A positive test is considered very accurate, but it’s possible to be infected with the virus and have a negative antigen result. Testing less than five to six days after exposure to the corona virus is likely to produce a negative antigen result. No Covid-19 test is 100% accurate, so it’s important to follow Covid-19 guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, such as social distancing.

This test is suitable for humans of any age,
including infants.

Full Concert
Concert Confetti

1 Hour NAAT PCR  $395
by appointment only  

PreRegister at

The TOBP Check It COVID-19 Test Kit is a molecular in vitro diagnostic test that has an analytical sensitivity, or ability to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus, that is comparable to some of the best PCR molecular tests performed in clinical settings and high complexity labs. If SARS-CoV-2 is present in a sample, it amplifies the virus’s genetic material while the test is running just like PCR lab tests. In the clinical studies described below, Its  amplification method provides a level of accuracy comparable to one of the highest sensitivity lab PCR tests.

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