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Strategic Social Media & Website Solutions

This can get very confusing and extremely frustrating!


1)Is your Dental Website and Social Media in need of a "makeover"?

2)Time for a cost efficient website and social media plan?

3) Do you know if your online Reputation and Presence is correct to maximize the success of patient searching for you?

4) Are you google citations and google map information correctly set up?

5) Do you wish you had a better social media presentation with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others to show off your practice?

What do I do?     Don't Panic!     We totally understand!

As practicing Dentists with over 30 plus years of experience, we

grew tired of being contacted by so many "experts" who were going to help ups sort out our social media and website. As Dentists, we were  always concerned about the
"bottom line" the costs.

Over the years we taught ourselves the how to's found competent  computer persons and now can offer these services to our colleague and friends (not only for Dentists but all small business) to get your website tweaked, created, and all the social media options that are out there.

Send us an email and we will reach out to you see what we can offer you!


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